AFC Portchester Youth AGM 2018 - Monday 23rd July – 6.45 AFC Portchester Club House


  1. Chairman’s Welcome

  2. Minutes of Last AGM

  3. Apologies & Roll Call

  4. Annual Treasurer’s Report

  5. Election of Officers

Executive Committee:

Youth Chairman – Phil Jeynes (Standing)

Youth Secretary – Andy Girling (Standing)

Treasurer – Jim Walker (Standing)

Football Development officer (James Chainey) (Standing)


Non-executive Committee:


Mini Soccer Co-ordinator Nia Carr replacing Emma Jehu

Youth Fixtures Secretary – Emma Jehu replacing Rich Peterson

Media Secretary – Darren Lambe

Child Welfare Officer - Brad Tuppen

Girls’ Football Secretary – Rich Peterson (new role)


  • Any Other Business – Items that have been sent in writing to the club secretary by the 16th of July


AFC Portchester Youth Committee