Please see below the agenda for the 2017 AFC Portchester Youth AGM.

Applications should be made in writing to the Youth Secretary. Closing date for applications will be Thursday 25th May 2017 @ 18:00pm. 


AFC Portchester Youth AGM 2017 Agenda

Tuesday 11th July 2017 – 6.30pm

AFC Portchester Clubhouse

1. Chairman's Welcome

2. Minutes of last AGM

3. Apologies & roll call

4. Annual Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of Officers –

If more than 1 person standing a vote will take place if only 1 person standing they will be re-elected.
Nominations to be made to the Secretary within the next 7 days.

A. Youth Chairman – Phil Jeynes (Re-standing)

B. Youth Secretary – Andy Girling (Re-standing)

C. Youth Treasurer – Jim Walker (Re-Standing)

D. Youth Football Development Officer – Michael Lovatt (Re-Standing)

6. Creation of new non-executive Committee roles

  • Assistant Development Officer (2)
  • Media Secretary

7. Changes to constitution

8. Rate of subscriptions

9. Any Other Business - Items that have been sent in prior to the AGM and received by 30 th of June


AFC Portchester Youth Committee